Skoltech master's programmes
World-class higher education is now available in Russia - Skoltech was founded in collaboration
with MIT (the best university in the world according to QS) and is calling for enrollment
in master's programmes in 2017!

Skoltech, Russia's most amazing university, consists of globally renowned professors, a combination of science and business activities, a unique campus, and modern research facilities.
Study at Skoltech is based on the best Russian and international education and research practices with a strong emphasis on innovation activity. Skoltech alumni are successful young scientists, entrepreneurs and experts in high-tech industries.
Education freedom
A great variety of different courses enables you to create your own curriculum.
Leading professors
Globally renowned professors and scientists perform lectures and tutorials. It is they that will be your research advisors and scientific
supervisors too.
Science + entrepreneurship
What makes us unique is that in addition to academic preparation, we put a strong emphasis on high technology entrepreneurship. We teach how to commercialize ideas and research results.
Global level
Over 30% of our students take part in various academic mobility programmes during their studies. They do internships and carry out research at MIT, Harvard University, the National University of Singapore, University of Calgary and other leading universities around the world.
Eventful life
Your student life will not be confined to studying - you will be able to attend key international conferences and participate in scientific and student contests.
Student package
A monthly stipend of 40,000 rubles is paid to students and a private medical insurance scheme is provided
In 2018 you can enroll in one of the following 10 Msc programmes:
You will benefit from the attention of leading employers to Skoltech alumni, as you will have a chance to do internships with our numerous industrial partners:
If you are eager to launch a business in a high-tech industry, we will prepare you. Startups that were created at Skoltech already have shown numerous achievements. These are some of them:
Easy ten is a mobile app that helps you learn English literally as you go. The startup raised funding in the amount of $450,000.
ImageAiry is the first marketplace for space and aerial photography services. It makes accessing these services easy. The project raised seed funding in the amount of $40,000 and is successfully developing.
Tsuru Robotics is a startup that designs all-purpose air drones. The team also has a huge library of ready solutions. Tsuru Robotics became one of five finalists of GenerationS accelerator and got a special award from Huawei.
Lexy is a robotic personal assistant and advisor. Lexy understands human speech, executes commands and manages home appliances. In addition, it has emotions and even mood. The project won at the Imagine Cup 2015 international competition hosted by Microsoft and it is continually developing.
Entering Skoltech was the best choice I have ever made. Research opportunities are truly endless here, and every professor is happy to help you. The most important thing is that you can choose any subject regardless of your programme.
Kirill Kalinin
I entered Skoltech because I wanted to lay down a challenge for myself - and here I am, on the other side of the planet, in an unfamiliar country and culture. I still can't believe that I wake up every morning in Moscow and visit one of the most promising universities in the world.
Brandan Willcocks
It is important to be able to cross between disciplines in order to become a high-demand professional. Here at Skoltech, I sometimes forget that I am an IT student. People around me are involved in such different projects that it is impossible to stay away from allied sciences.
Helena Nadj
The most unbelievable engineering ideas, even the most insane ones, can be implemented here at Skoltech. The scope of research and the amount of business experience that you will get here is really huge. I didn't even dare to imagine that one could find all these things in one place. As you can see, it is possible indeed.
Aliya Khairullina
Applications for Master's programs are accepted until July 16, 2017.

Our selection process:
Application submission
Up to and including 16 July you collect all the necessary documents and submit an application through the dedicated form on the Skoltech website
We will analyse all received applications and select applicants who will be admitted to the next stage
Selection Weekend
The final stage is carried out in person in Moscow; within the framework of the selection process, we will interview applicants and conduct free TOEFL and core subjects tests. It is difficult but very interesting!
After the final stage, we will form a list of students who will be enrolled in free programmes starting September 2017
Frequently asked questions about education at Skoltech:
How much does studying at Skoltech cost?
The applicants who have successfully passed the admission process and are enrolled at Skoltech do not pay for their studies. The cost is fully covered by the university; for students, education is free of charge.
What kind of degree shall I get when I graduate from Skoltech?
Skoltech is a non-state university. Nevertheless, Skoltech has a state licence to carry out educational activities and a state accreditation certificate for educational programmes. After completion of the educational programme and master's thesis defence, our alumni get two diplomas. The first one is a state-recognized diploma (diploma certifying the education and master's qualification). The second one is a Skoltech diploma (master of science degree) with a European diploma supplement.
Do Skoltech students get a draft exemption?
Since Skoltech has a state accreditation certificate for educational programmes, yes, they do.
Can I apply for a master's programme at Skoltech if I already have a master's degree?
Yes, you can.
Where is Skoltech located?
The educational process takes place in Skoltech's own building on the grounds of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Address: 3, Nobel street, Skolkovo, Russian Federation. Our modern laboratories and a unique student workshop are located here as well. Skoltech will soon move to a new modern campus, which is now in the final stage of construction. The new campus is also located at Skolkovo Innovation Centre.
Who can I ask additional questions about admission to Skoltech?
You can send an email to or call +7 (495) 280-14-81. You can also visit us at the mentioned address, but the date and time of the visit should be confirmed prior to the visit.
Now you know about education at Skoltech, it's time to get to know us better!
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and it is available until 16 July