Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology
Format and duration:
2 years, full-time
Language of instruction:
student scholarship from
40 000 RUR/month,
no tuition fees
applications are accepted until July 16
It's not a dream anymore. Humans will live, work and holiday in space. In the very near future the space industry will greatly advance and open up generating new opportunities for governments and businesses. By 2030 it is expected all businesses across all industries, whether related or not, to benefit from space, with many having dedicated space teams and resources. Mining the Moon for water, missions to Mars, space travel are almost here. And you still can be at the very start of this new interesting adventure and changing of the world.
Skoltech's (TOP-100 Young Universities 2019 Nature Index) Master's program in Space and Engineering Systems combines study of the general principles of complex engineering system construction with participation in satellite, drone and robotic systems-building projects. The program is also aimed to provide the fundamental skills in data analysis for the development of complex system applications fostering the synergies and interdependencies between engineering, industry and space science (satellite imagery and communications, satellite navigation, remote sensing and in-situ data of space weather). We teach students to find creative solutions to the biggest challenges of space and robotics industries.
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Why space and engineering systems?
$423,8 bln
turnover of the global space economy
$58,4 bln
the overall UAV (OEM+ aftermarket) is projected to reach by 2026, estimated to be $27.4 billion in 2021
total number of active satellites in orbit
by 10%
the implementation and development of VR in engineering can reduce model design time
of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotics automation into their infrastructure
150 000
people worldwide already employes robotics industry in engineering and assembly jobs
Space and Engineering Systems is an interesting field with interesting challenges for:
/space systems engineers/
/aerospace engineers/

  • Carry out all the tasks related to the extraction of requirements from the users and the transformation of them into a final product, mission analysis and design of space systems as well as their integration and final verification, including all the needed tests
  • Design and test products that serve both the aeronautical and space industries
/digital engineers/
/software engineers/
  • Develop the software for space missions simulation, plan and execute digital engineering model development to support architecture development and initiatives in support of program milestones
  • Work with space flight and ground software in addition to flight software systems engineering
/robotics engineers/
/UAV engineers/
  • Design prototypes, build and test machines, and maintain the software that controls them
  • Be responsible for requirements analysis, prototyping, hands-on mechanical engineering, power electronics and control systems
/R&D managers/
  • Solve fundamental problems in space and engineering systems
  • Consult business and government
Why earn your
Master's at Skoltech?
Skoltech is an international English-speaking STEM university ranked as one of the top 100 Young Universities in the Nature Index.
Research-based teaching
All Skoltech faculty and academic staff are engaged in internationally recognized scientific research across a wide range of topics. We incorporate findings from this research into teaching.
Globally renowned
Teaching staff are the acting research professors who implement advanced technology projects with the leading companies in the field.
Top-class Facilities
and Project-oriented Learning
World-class labs are equipped with all the latest tools for successful researches and studies in space technologies.
The education process is based on real case problems and projects are enabling students to use theory on practice.
International study & Industrial experience
All courses are taught in English. Top students are granted internships for international studies (up to 6 months). The majority of students' projects are in collaboration with industry partners.
Skoltech Space Center has partners in space sector bringing opportunities for research and industrial career in.
Program graduates work in the private and public sector in space engineering, robotics, etc. Alternative option is undertaking the research degrees (PhD) in Russia (Skoltech) or overseas.

Students of the Space and Engineering Systems Master's program conduct their research using some of the most advanced laboratory equipment and facilities.
Skoltech has strongly established connections with leading companies in the industry and academia
Industrial partners
Academic & research partners
Degree structure and components
choose courses, design your individual study plan, discover opportunities to visit world-leading universities and international conferences, explore the integration of research, education and innovation
Lectures and seminars
Free choice of disciplines. Courses are developed by professors who have worked in the best universities in the world
Independent research work on your own project based on Skoltech laboratories
Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, providing knowledge and skills for the commercialization of scientific research
8-week internship at one of the leading companies in the industry

2 years of master's studies are equivalent to 120 ECTS credits. They are awarded for the courses taken, but also for research work, disciplines in entrepreneurship and innovation, and an internship in the industry.

Compulsory and Recommended courses:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
  • Leadership for Innovators
  • Hack Lab: Laboratory for Ideas
  • Startup Workshop
  • Ideas to Impact: Foundations for Commercializing Technological Advances
  • Intellectual Property, Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Technological Innovations: from Research Results to a Commercial Product
  • Developing Products and Services through Design Thinking
  • More courses in the Skoltech Course catalog>>
    Main Research Areas and Groups
    Systems Engineering
    • Concurrent engineering
    • Use of AI in systems engineering
    • Digital engineering and product lifecycle
    • Conceptual design of engineering systems (aerospace, oil and gas etc)
    • Strategic thinking
    Spacecraft Design Technologies
    • Space system development technologies
    • Smallsats and CubeSats development
    • Orbital mechanics and attitude control
    • Hardware and software for space applications
    • AI in space applications
    Intelligent Robotics
    • Adaptation of SLAM techniques to applications
    • Haptics and AR/VR technologies
    • Precise robot control indoor and outdoor
    • Swarms of robots or satellites
    Applications and Exploration
    • Use of AI in Remote Sensing (analysis of forests and carbon cycle)
    • Space weather (Solar physics)
    • Mars exploration
    What our students say
    Divya Shankar
    BSc, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology → MSc, Skoltech → SpeQtral
    Coming from a humble background, I was looking for an institute which could provide scholarship and a great education to foster my space dreams. Skoltech came in as a conglomeration providing all that I was looking for. Studying space tech in Russia and the USA, the two space pioneers was a dream come true. It was such an honour to study with the greatest of minds in the greatest of places one could imagine. I worked on cutting-edge technologies in the space systems research group at Skoltech and at MIT which I have been continuing working in the industry for almost 5 years now. Skoltech gave us the freedom to choose subjects of our interest from any department, gave us exposure to the industries, imparted entrepreneurial skills in us, supported us with any research ideas that we had - one such example is our Mars Desert Research Station Project to be analog astronauts. All the things that I got to learn and experience at Skoltech have been a strong foundation for me to build my career.
    Ahmed Taha
    BSc, Cairo University → MSc, Skoltech → PhD, University of Luxembourg
    I remember joining Skoltech for the sole purpose of getting a deeper insight about key technologies in the space engineering domain, but before I know it, I was also learning about how to build a successful business out of my research. The Space and Engineering Systems program is eligantly structured so that it reduces the gap between research and industry through entrepreneurial courses that complement the technical ones.
    Shantanu Jain
    BSc, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science → MSc, Skoltech
    The Space and Engineering systems program at Skoltech combines the latest concepts and technological knowledge delivered in an efficient manner. Within the program, we participated in several projects, conferences and seminars that helped to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in this field. Moreover, the Space and Engineering program is highly research-centric and provides a great platform for the realisation of ambitious initiatives, in research and technology with continuous support and mentoring by world-class faculty. Studying at Skoltech is certainly a wonderful and fun-filled experience!
    Oxana Rusanova
    BSc, Bauman Moscow State Technical University → MSc, Skoltech → Schneider Electric
    Skoltech Master Program is freedom of thought, design and develop. It is freedom of finding and being yourself. I can talk a million positive words about the education quality, possibilities of laboratories, mentors experience, etc, but I would like to mention opportunities for personal growth, which Skoltech community provides for everyone. Here you and your work are respected and valued, your ambitions are not restricted, and your ideas are directed in the right way. Skoltech community gives you any kind of help and support at any time. You feel this support, you use this power and you can do whatever you want. This educational approach gives you clear understanding know what you want to do, and what you can do after graduation. It helps you to make a fast start in careers and don't waste time for adaptation in modern professional life.
    Oleg Shipitko
    BSc, Bauman Moscow State Technical University → MSc, Skoltech → Evocargo LLC
    For me, the system engineering approach is the most valuable thing I've learned in Skoltech. Designing a complex system with many links between subsystems is a complex task that needs a particular approach to make everything right and in time. The team projects experience is also a very valuable thing since I learned a lot about working with people, team dynamics, and so on. This is something I use on daily basis. And of course, "hard" skills in math, robotics, modeling are also something I learned in Skoltech which I apply to design autonomous cars nowadays.
    Read full story>>
    Shreya Santra
    BSc, National Institute of Technology in Jamshedpur → MSc, International Space University → MSc, Skoltech → PhD, Tohoku University
    Skoltech has truly expanded my skills and opened new horizons to me. At the Intelligent Space Robotics Lab, I had the opportunity to conduct extensive research on enhancing the decision-making and localization capabilities of UAVs so they can autonomously follow designated paths while successfully avoiding obstacles. Read full story>>
    We give our students all the necessary knowledge, skills and power
    to make big achievements:
    Ekaterina Kotenko-Lengold: second prize at SLUSH, position of vice president of Astro Digital company.

    Hripsime Matevosyan, PhD Student (Prof. Golkar): Emerging Space Leader Award (2015), International Astronautical Federation.
    Ignasi Lluch I Cruz, PhD Student (Prof. Golkar), «Innovative Earth Observation Missions» Paper Competition (2015), OHB System (DE).
    Dominik Knoll, PhD Student (Prof. Golkar), Selected as Top 10 paper of SECESA 2016 conference (60 submissions).
    Natalia Glazkova, PhD Student (Prof. Rupert Gerzer), the 3rd Prize of Booster Programme at the Sevan Startup Summit in Armenia for the project Sense2Beat – a heart monitoring biosensor with clinical-grade accuracy.
    Team of Skoltech students won Russian selection round of top European robotics competition EuroBot, represented Russia and got 5th position globally.
    enjoy courses and supervision under world-renowned scientists and engineers
    Program Director
    Anton Ivanov
    Associate Professor
    Program Coordinator
    Tatiana Podladchikova
    Assistant Professor
    Professor of the Practice, Associate Provost, Dean of Faculty and Postdoctoral Affairs
    Leading Research Scientist
    Associate Professor
    Assistant Professor
    Senior Research Scientist
    Associate Professor
    Lev Rapoport
    Assistant Professor
    Associate Professor
    Associate Professor
    Assistant Professor
    Associate Professor
    Research Scientist
    Research Scientist
    Research Intern
    the admission and enrollment process includes several steps
    Admission requirements
    Knowledge and skills:
    If your education has not been conducted in English, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency.

    • Relevant bachelor's degree, or its equivalent in aerospace-related areas.
    Application requirements
    • Resume or CV
    • Motivation letter
    • 2 Letters of recommendation
    • Diploma or current transcript
    • English language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS), if any
    • Other relevant documents: awards, certifications, achievements
    Prepare your portfolio
    Prepare your application materials.
    Submit application
    Upload your materials into the application system and submit your application.
    Online testing
    Every candidate must take an online subject test. You will be notified by email about the specific date and time of your test.
    Interviews (online)
    The final admissions stage will take place online this year. You will need to pass an interview with the admissions committee, participate in an entrepreneurship challenge and take an English language test.
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