Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Physics
Format and duration:
2 years, full-time
Language of instruction:
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40 000 RUR/month,
no tuition fees
applications are accepted until July 16
Photonics and quantum materials play a crucial role in our daily lives, as the science of light and associated technological development is turning into an economic and social imperative of the 21st century. Inventions of optical fiber communication, the distributed feedback lasers, and the fiber amplifiers make today's internet possible. Light-based technologies play a critical role in almost every aspect of modern life: telecommunications, data storage, medical diagnostics, autonomous driving, green energy, agriculture, industry and more.
Skoltech's (TOP-100 Young Universities 2019 Nature Index) Master's program in Photonics and Quantum Materials provides world-class education and research in photonics, biophotonics and nanoelectronics – our students will be prepared
to apply fundamental science and engineering approaches to higher-level research and industrial tasks.
Everything you need to know about Skoltech in one short video
Why photonics & quantum materials?
$837,8 bln
is the projected reach of the photonics market by 2025. It is estimated at $593,7 bln in 2020
the internet
would not exist without inventions of optical fiber communication, the distributed feed-back lasers, and the fiber amplifiers
Quantum Materials Cell Dots absorb energy from both visible and UV light making them the best option for solar cells
over 11.3%
annual growth the global biophotonics market is anticipated to witness during the period between 2021 and 2031
of the total biophotonics market dominated by the medical sector
Photonics & Quantum Materials is a versatile field with interesting challenges for:
  • /photonics engineers/
    /optical engineers/
    /laser modeling specialists/
    • Create and improve systems and products that use photonics: lasers, optics, fiber optics, and imaging
    • Apply the concepts of optics to research, design, and develop applications in a broad range of areas
    • Model laser propagation and electro-optic sensing devices
  • /biophotonics engineers/
    /quality manager/
    • Create products and services that empower customers, enterprises, and care providers to improve health
    • Perform failure mode analysis on new or existing products
  • /quantum materials systems engineers/
    /nanoelectronics engineers/
    • Build and use next-generation tools to design, fabricate, and operate topological qubits and their associated control hardware
    • Design, develop, or supervise the production of materials, devices, or systems of unique molecular or macromolecular composition
  • /research engineers/
    /R&D managers/
    • Solve fundamental problems in photonics and quantum materials
Why earn your
Master's at Skoltech?
Skoltech is an international English-speaking STEM university ranked as one of the top 100 Young Universities in the Nature Index.
  • Research-based teaching
    Study with world-renowned award winning professors. All Skoltech faculty and academic staff are engaged in internationally recognized scientific research across a wide range of topics. We incorporate findings from this research into teaching
  • Globally renowned
    Teaching staff are the acting research professors who implement advanced technology projects with leading companies in the field.
  • Top-class
    Facilities and Courses
    Unique facilities for state of the art research in photonics and quantum materials.
  • International study & Industrial experience
    All courses are taught in English. Top students are granted internships for international studies (up to 6 months). The majority of students' projects are in collaboration with industry partners
  • Partnerships
    Close partnerships with major academic and industrial leaders
  • Career
    Program graduates work in industry and research institutes. Alternative option is undertaking the research degrees (PhD) in Russia (Skoltech) or overseas
Students of the Photonics & Quantum Materials program conduct their research using some of the most advanced laboratory equipment and facilities
Skoltech has strongly established connections with leading companies in the industry and academia
Degree structure and components
choose courses, design your individual study plan, discover opportunities to visit world-leading universities and international conferences, explore the integration of research, education and innovation
Lectures and seminars
Free choice of disciplines. Courses are developed by professors who have worked in the best universities in the world
Independent research work on your own project based on Skoltech laboratories
Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, providing knowledge and skills for the commercialization of scientific research
8-week internship at one of the leading companies in the industry
2 years of master's studies are equivalent to 120 ECTS credits. They are awarded for the courses taken, but also for research work, disciplines in entrepreneurship and innovation, and an internship in the industry.
Main research areas

  • Materials and nanostructures for nanoelectronics
  • Hybrid photonic/optoelectronic quantum devices and quantum information
  • Photonic and quantum technologies for metrology
  • Plasmonic structures and metamaterials for nanobiomedicine
  • Molecular and atomic spectroscopy
  • Low-temperature quantum technologies

What our students say
Elena Gromova
BSc, Tomsk Polytechnic University → MSc, Skoltech → Linde Engineering
Skoltech gives you an opportunity to create your own academic path by choosing different courses, improve your English skills by studying in a multicultural environment, get international academic experience by exchange programs with the top universities around the world. During the two-years MSc program in Photonics and Quantum Materials at Skoltech I had an exchange semester in Canada and an expedition to Lake Baikal. Also, I had the opportunity to learn from intelligent qualified professors from the top universities, and also study with outstanding fellows always driven by an innovative spirit. I deeply value being a Skoltech alumni. It certainly contributed greatly to my further career and achievements in life.
Semyon Fast
BSc, Novosibirsk State University → MSc, Skoltech → Bazar (
Here in the PQM program people become magicians. On the nanoscale when quantum mechanics takes over, it is impossible to rely on intuition only. Imagination with problem-solving is what attracts me to photonics. Production principles of integrated devices, imaging instruments for the human body, modeling nanoscale systems provoke your creativity if you are prepared enough. After studying PQM, graduates will have an opportunity to work as a researcher in optic communication, nanodevice production companies or launch a deep-tech startup. The latter is a challenge, but very demanded in the industry.
Aly Elakshar
BSc, Menofia University → MSc, Skoltech
In the Photonics and Quantum Materials MSc program I have discovered so many possibilities of prospective revolutions in this area of science that are occurring. This forms the building blocks for the next-generation technologies that will change the world as we know, such as quantum computers and photonic integrated circuits. In this program, you are going to learn the physics of light and its interaction with the matter you can even go far to its different applications in different sectors from biomedical to IT.
Pavel Dolgirev
BSc, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology → MSc, Skoltech → PhD, Harvard University
During my masters in the PQM program, I had the privilege to collaborate with two supervisors, both of which are famous not only in Russia but also on the international level. I think their willingness to contribute to my training forms the basis of my ongoing research. Their international experience helped me to understand just how broad modern opportunities are. I think Skoltech is unique in this regard of inviting outstanding researchers from around the world. I also want to admit that my English significantly improved during my studies, because all the classes were taught in English.
enjoy courses and mentorship from world-renowned scientists and engineers
the admission and enrollment process includes several steps
Prepare your portfolio
Prepare your application materials.
Submit application
Upload your materials into the application system and submit your application.
Online testing
Every candidate must take an online subject test. You will be notified by email about the specific date and time of your test.
Interviews (online)
The final admissions stage will take place online this year. You will need to pass an interview with the admissions committee, participate in an entrepreneurship challenge and take an English language test.
phone: +7 (495) 280-1481_ext.3387
address: 30с1 Bolshoi boulevard, Skolkovo, 121205, Russian Federation, Room E-R3-2030