Master of Science in Biotechnology
Format and duration:
2 years, full-time
Language of instruction:
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40 000 RUR/month,
no tuition fees
the application period for 2021
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Biotechnology and bioinformatics are among the most vibrant and rapidly developing areas of modern science. The potential biotechnology opens up for humans is great not only in fundamental science, but also in other fields. With the use of biotechnological methods, it became possible to mass produce all the necessary proteins, the processes of obtaining fermentation products have become much simpler. Genetic engineering, as the main direction in biotechnology, significantly accelerates the solution of the problem of food, agricultural, energy and environmental crises. Today's incurable diseases will become routinely curable in the near future. And all this great potential lie in one field of biotechnology. Are you really still thinking?
Enroll in Skoltech's (TOP-100 Young Universities 2019 Nature Index) Master's program in Life Sciences and become a sought-after professional capable of cracking challenges in biomedicine, genetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields. You will be accelerating scientific progress, advancing basic research, envisioning forthcoming technologies.
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Why life sciences?
$21,6 billion
reached corporate funding for digital health globally in 2020—an increase of 103% over 2019
less than 1 year
took to invent a COVID-19 vaccine
up to 89%
of the boreal region might reach crop feasible conditions compared to current 32%
50% more food
will be needed by 2050 due to population growth of up to 10 billion people
$25,2 bln
is estimated to go towards molecular diagnostics
by 2025
by 5%
will grow the employment rate in biotech by 2029
Life Sciences is a fascinating field with challenges for:
  • /biochemist/
    /cell biologists/
    • Design, develop, or evaluate energy-related projects or programs to reduce energy costs or improve energy efficiency
    • Perform a range of experiments which are designed to provide answers for specific research areas
  • /bioinformatics scientists/
    • Optimize bioinformatics capabilities for whole genome and next generation sequencing; enables compilation, storage, and analysis of data to support epidemiologic investigations
    • Use advanced computational and experimental techniques and facilities to address a wide range of biomechanics and injury analysis applications
  • /cell culture technicians/
    /cell culture analysts/
    • Perform a wide range of cell culture primarily, but not limited to, the molecular, cell biology, and virology test areas of biopharmaceutical services
    • Prepare reagents in support of cell culture and routine analytical testing
    • Provide technical expertise for method development, optimization, verification, qualification and validatio
  • /consultants/
    /government advisors/
    /R&D managers/
    • Help government and business create their biotech politics and agenda
    • Solve fundamental problems in biotech
Why earn your
Master's at Skoltech?
Skoltech is an international English-speaking STEM university ranked as one of the top 100 Young Universities in the Nature Index.
  • Research-based teaching
    All Skoltech faculty and academic staff are engaged in internationally recognized scientific research across a wide range of topics. We incorporate findings from this research into teaching.
  • Globally renowned
    Teaching staff are the acting research professors who implement advanced biotechnology projects with leading companies in the field.
  • Top-class
    The labs in the campus are equipped with industry-standard technological machines, hardware and software.
  • International study & Industrial experience
    All courses are taught in English. Top students are granted internships for international studies (up to 6 months). The majority of students' projects are in collaboration with industry partners.
  • Partnerships
    A wide network of industrial partnerships with major biotechnology, agro and pharmaceuticals market players as well as with small companies and startups.
  • Career
    Program graduates work in biotechnology and IT sector. Alternative option is undertaking the research degrees (PhD) in Russia (Skoltech) or overseas (University of South California ).
Students of the Life Sciences Master's program conduct their research using some of the most advanced laboratory equipment and facilities.
Skoltech has strongly established connections with leading companies in the industry and academia
Degree structure
Degree structure and components
choose courses, design your individual study plan, discover opportunities to visit world-leading universities and international conferences, explore the integration of research, education and innovation
Lectures and seminars
Free choice of disciplines. Courses are developed by professors who have worked in the best universities in the world
Independent research work on your own project based on Skoltech laboratories
Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, providing knowledge and skills for the commercialization of scientific research
8-week internship at one of the leading companies in the industry
What our students say
Zenobio Antonio Viana de Barros
BSc, University Center for Education in Osasco → MSc, Skoltech → PhD, University of Perugia
Since I got my bachelor's degree in Biology, in Brazil, I was looking for a MSc program that could combine a high-profile line up of professors performing cutting-edge research and a program that could allow me to envision doing research in a startup/industrial environment. Well, no other place could better combine both worlds than Skoltech! The challenging curriculum, from which I could choose the most specific disciplines for my goals, clearly improved my knowledge and skills towards performing serious research and how to apply it for market purposes. I am grateful for world-class education I had access to in STEM field, for the business-related studies and for the remarkable experience I got from the Biotechnology program at Skoltech!
Elena Romanenkova
BSc, Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev AgriculturalAcademy → MSc, Skoltech → Rusagro
The best part of the Life Sciences MSc program is that you can learn everything on the fly! Literally. Before admission to Skoltech, I had some experience in the "wet" lab and no experience in bioinformatics. However, at Skoltech I had a privilege to choose subjects to study (from basic to advanced level), I mastered new methods in "wet" lab and plunged into bioinformatics data analysis. Life Sciences program offers a wide range of electives, a flexible schedule, lectures from world-class professors, excellent labs, cutting-edge research, various club activities, leadership & entrepreneurship. Telling the truth, for me the degree is not as important as the value of my work to society. I believe that everything I have learned has a practical application.
Anastasia Grigoreva
BSc, Moscow State University → MSc, Skoltech → PhD, Skoltech
For me Skoltech Life Sciences Master program was a breakthrough to a real science. My background was in Biophysics, I didn't have an on-hand experience in molecular biology or biotechnology and the first months at the program were a deep dive into the area. I loved that at Skoltech you are not only given with an opportunity to study, but challenged with practical courses, individual projects, presentations. We learned to read the topnotch articles, understand the research methodology, find some disadvantages (if any) without the fear that we are the ones who didn't understood something. Skoltech conferences, seminars and lectures of the top specialists, academic mobility program – all that provides students with a chance to become a part of the scientific community. And the most telling fact revealing my gratitude and respect for Skoltech is that two years after graduation I came back for my PhD.
enjoy courses and supervision under world-renowned scientists and engineers
the admission and enrollment process includes several steps
Prepare your portfolio
Prepare your application materials.
Submit application
Upload your materials into the application system and submit your application.
Online testing
Every candidate must take an online subject test. You will be notified by email about the specific date and time of your test.
Interviews (online)
The final admissions stage will take place online this year. You will need to pass an interview with the admissions committee, participate in an entrepreneurship challenge and take an English language test.
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