Master of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
Format and duration:
2 years, full-time
Language of instruction:
student scholarship from
40 000 RUR/month,
no tuition fees
applications are accepted until July 16
Advanced Computational Science lies at the intersection of mathematics, informatics, natural and social sciences. It is a group of applied mathematical methods used to understand and tailor the real-world increasingly complex problems. The long-standing tradition of high quality Russian education in exact sciences is fuelled by the demand from those industries in Russia which want to remain globally competitive including oil and gas, banking, aerospace and agriculture sectors. The fast-paced field of computer science creates a need for specialists with a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematical and HPC methods, ensuring the ability to quickly learn new trends and approaches. Computer Science is one of the fastest moving academic disciplines and the outcomes of research and innovation in this field are likely to have a significant social impact.
Skoltech's (TOP-100 Young Universities 2019 Nature Index) Master's program in Advanced Computational Science achieves the synergy of state-of-the-art mathematical modeling methods (numerical ODE and PDE, stochastic modeling, machine learning and Big data-based approaches) and their implementation with modern high performance parallel computational facilities furnished with up-to-date software. The cutting-edge scientific MSc project solidifies the theoretical knowledge obtained in the courses.
Everything you need to know about Skoltech in one short video
Why advanced copmutational science?
are used to model how COVID-19 mutates and spreads
Advanced computing
increasingly determines a nation's economic power
Advanced Computational Science is a fascinating field with challenges for:
  • /simulation and modelling engineers/
    /artificial intelligence specialists/
    • Work in industry on modelling of applied problems
    • Develop software that can learn to evaluate information and make appropriate decisions to accomplish a task
  • /blockchain developers/
    /data scientists/
    /data analysts/
    • Leverage secure and distributed blockchain architecture for a growing range of business applications
    • Use data for functioning and optimisation of processes in industry
  • /software developers/
    /software engineers/
    • Build software which runs across various types of computer
    • Apply the principles of software engineering for designing, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software
  • /research scientists/
    • continue on as a researcher in academia or industry
Why earn your
Master's at Skoltech?
Skoltech is an international English-speaking STEM university ranked as one of the top 100 Young Universities in the Nature Index.
  • Research-based teaching
    All Skoltech faculty and academic staff are engaged in internationally recognized scientific research across a wide range of topics. We incorporate findings from this research into teaching.
  • Globally renowned
    Teaching staff are the acting research professors who implement advanced technology projects with leading companies in the field.
  • Top-class
    The labs in the campus (High-Performance Computing) are equipped with industry-standard technological machines, hardware and software.
  • International study & Industrial experience
    All courses are taught in English. Top students are granted internships for international studies (up to 6 months). The majority of students' projects are in collaboration with industry partners.
  • Partnerships
    A wide network of industrial partnerships as well as with small companies and startups.
  • Career
    Program graduates work in IT sector. Alternative option is undertaking the research degrees (PhD) in Russia (Skoltech) or overseas.
Students of the Advanced Computational Science Master's program conduct their research using some of the most advanced laboratory equipment and facilities.
Skoltech has strongly established connections with leading companies in the industry and academia
Degree structure
Degree structure and components
choose courses, design your individual study plan, discover opportunities to visit world-leading universities and international conferences, explore the integration of research, education and innovation
Lectures and seminars
Free choice of disciplines. Courses are developed by professors who have worked in the best universities in the world
Independent research work on your own project based on Skoltech laboratories
Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, providing knowledge and skills for the commercialization of scientific research
8-week internship at one of the leading companies in the industry
what our students say
Dilyara Baymurzina
BSc, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology → MSc, Skoltech → Neural Networks and Deep Learning Laboratory, MIPT
In the ACS program, I definitely learned a lot of different applications of the knowledge which is usually taught only theoretically at other universities. I believe studying in such an intense master's program is much more useful for students' futures than studying some theoretical subjects and working in parallel.
Mahmud Allahverdiyev
BSc, Qafqaz University → MSc, Skoltech → Snowflake
During the HPC course, we have got a thorough understanding of how large-scale Big Data & AI applications are tackled in scientific and industrial settings. Hands-on practice assignments on frameworks such as OpenMP, MPI, CUDA will be helpful to you while working with HPC clusters & supercomputers for your research projects and potential future career in HPC. If you are particularly interested in parallel programming, HPC and distributed systems, don't miss the chance to check out the course.
enjoy courses and supervision under world-renowned scientists and engineers
the admission and enrollment process includes several steps
Prepare your portfolio
Prepare your application materials.
Submit application
Upload your materials into the application system and submit your application.
Online testing
Every candidate must take an online subject test. You will be notified by email about the specific date and time of your test.
Interviews (online)
The final admissions stage will take place online this year. You will need to pass an interview with the admissions committee, participate in an entrepreneurship challenge and take an English language test.
phone: +7 (495) 280-1481_ext.3387
address: 30с1 Bolshoi boulevard, Skolkovo, 121205, Russian Federation, Room E-R3-2030