Skoltech Online
Test-taking Guide
accessing the app
To access your exam, please log in
using the following link:
Your Username is your registered email address
Your Password is #skoltech2019
Click the Sign in button to enter the application
before the test
You can start the test from the "Assignments" table at the center of the page.
Accept the instructions and rules of the test and click "Start".
Accept the Candidates rules agreement in Proctoring mode and click "Next".
Allow the camera and microphone usage when prompted. Wait until everything has been set up.
In case Proctor cannot find your camera or microphone, try the "Retry" button.
In case you're still having problems, change the camera permissions to "Ask (default)" again and Reload the page when prompted.
Take photos of yourself and your identification and proceed.
When promted with permission to share your screen, press the button "Share". In case you cancel sharing, you will not be proctored which may cause problems with your test if the proctoring option is mandatory
Start the test.
There are several options Proctor allows you to choose from the Proctoring toolbar on the top of the page:

  • Chat Icon — if the proctor needs to contact you, you will receive a notification. You can also click the chat button to chat with the proctor on any questions you may have.
  • Calculator Icon — click the calculator icon to use the scientific calculator. This is the only calculator you are allowed to use during the exam except otherwise stated in your instructions.
  • Camera Icon the video icon allows you access to the proctor via video call. Please use this button only if the proctor requests you to do so.
There cannot be multiple Students with the same e-mail address.
In case you try any other activities or open new tabs, your test will be locked for several seconds.
When you are done with the test taking, you can exit the proctoring mode.