Modes and duration:
2 years (full-time)
Application deadline:
July 16, 2019
Tuition fees:
no tuition fee for the applicants who pass the selection process
What makes Skoltech stand apart from other universities
is its extraordinary environment that will make your MSc studies
a major life milestone:
Lectures and practical classes are given by world-renowned experts. Students can refine and focus their own specific path, by choosing from a variety of courses.
Science is firmly integrated into the education process: each student conducts his/her own research projects.
Real-life experience
We provide industrial immersion summer projects: 8-week projects at leading industrial companies, where students turn their knowledge and skills into action.
We supplement your academic training with courses that provide the skills and knowledge to commercialize ideas
and research findings.
Mobility: over a third of our students participate in various academic mobility programs working as trainees or researchers at such leading universities as MIT, Harvard University, National University of Singapore, University of Calgary and many others.
Global environment: the student body is from 40+ countries, together with professors and researchers from internationally renowned labs and universities. The working language (and instruction) at Skoltech is English.
Life: once enrolled, you will get a chance to attend major international conferences, participate in science and student competitions, and work on your own projects and initiatives outside of the curriculum.
Student package: Skoltech students are entitled to a monthly scholarship starting from 40,000 RUR (around 550 EUR) and health insurance.
In 2019-20 you can enroll in one of the following 10 MSc programs:
You will benefit from the attention of leading employers to Skoltech alumni, as you will have a chance to do internships with our numerous industrial partners:
If you are eager to launch a business in a high-tech industry, we will prepare you.
Startups that were created at Skoltech already have shown numerous achievements.
These are some of them:
Easy ten is a mobile app that helps you learn English literally as you go. The startup raised funding in the amount of $450,000.
ImageAiry is the first marketplace for space and aerial photography services. It makes accessing these services easy. The project raised seed funding in the amount of $40,000 and is successfully developing.
Tsuru Robotics is a startup that designs all-purpose air drones. The team also has a huge library of ready solutions. Tsuru Robotics became one of five finalists of GenerationS accelerator and got a special award from Huawei.
Lexy is a robotic personal assistant and advisor. Lexy understands human speech, executes commands and manages home appliances. In addition, it has emotions and even mood. The project won at the Imagine Cup 2015 international competition hosted by Microsoft and it is continually developing.
I chose to study at Skoltech because it allowed me to receive a world-class education, while also experiencing life in a foreign country. Nowhere else could I live out my dream of living abroad in a cosmopolitan city like Moscow while studying at a top university. Skoltech encourages collaboration and team projects and teaches its students to make an impact; this means that you learn how to create something that people can use.
Charles Belina
New York University (USA) → Skoltech, Materials Science
I decided to pursue my Master's at Skoltech when I found out how this newly established institute is sending positive ripples through the international scientific community. The experienced faculty and advanced research facilities available in Skoltech are very appealing for every engineering student. The environment at Skoltech is extremely friendly and motivating, and it is easy for international students to adjust to life in Moscow.
Shreya Santra
International Space University (France) → Skoltech, Space Systems
Being part of the Skoltech community is a great experience, which reviews cannot truly describe. In terms of innovative and challenging education, Skoltech is the best option, making you think outside of your comfort zone, and face real life problems in research and industry.
Alexandros Adamis
University of Athens (Greece) → Skoltech, Space Systems
Minds, hearts and hands! Skoltech helps you rediscover true learning: it is experiential and engages your mind in every sense, including the heart and hands. It is a transformative experience and I loved every part of the journey.
Adeniyi Adebayo
Kazan Federal University (Russia) → Skoltech, Petroleum Engineering
Applications are accepted till July 16, 2019 inclusive.
The admission and enrolment process includes several steps:
Fill out the registration form to start the application process.
Submit your application
Familiarize yourself with the list of required supporting documents, upload them into the application system as they become ready and submit your application on July 16 by the end of the day.
Online testing
Every candidate must take an online profile test. You will be notified by email about the specific date and time of your test.
In-person interviews
The final admissions stage takes place in Moscow. You have to pass the TOEFL ITP exam on site, or present a valid TOEFL certificate and pass an in-person interview. Extra written examinations may be required for certain programs during this time (you will be notified in advance).
Frequently asked questions about Skoltech:
How much does studying at Skoltech cost?
The applicants who have successfully passed the admission process and are enrolled at Skoltech do not pay for their studies. The cost is fully covered by the university; for students, education is free of charge.
What kind of degree shall I get when I graduate from Skoltech?
Skoltech is a non-state university. Nevertheless, Skoltech has a state licence to carry out educational activities and a state accreditation certificate for educational programmes. After completion of the educational programme and master's thesis defence, our alumni get two diplomas. The first one is a state-recognized diploma (diploma certifying the education and master's qualification). The second one is a Skoltech diploma (master of science degree) with a European diploma supplement.
Do Skoltech students get a draft exemption?
Since Skoltech has a state accreditation certificate for educational programmes, yes, they do.
Can I apply for a master's programme at Skoltech if I already have a master's degree?
Yes, you can.
Where is Skoltech located?
The educational process takes place in Skoltech's own building on the grounds of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Address: 3, Nobel street, Skolkovo, Russian Federation. Our modern laboratories and a unique student workshop are located here as well. Skoltech will soon move to a new modern campus, which is now in the final stage of construction. The new campus is also located at Skolkovo Innovation Centre.
Who can I ask additional questions about admission to Skoltech?
You can send an email to or call +7 (495) 280-14-81. You can also visit us at the mentioned address, but the date and time of the visit should be confirmed prior to the visit.
The admission campaign is open!
To apply, click the button below.
Applications will be accepted until July 16, 2019 inclusive:
phone: +7 (495) 280-1481_ext.3481
address: 30с1 Bolshoi boulevard, Skolkovo, 121205, Russian Federation

We are more than happy to meet visitors Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Please arrange a visit 48 hours in advance by contacting