How to apply
(It is quite simple)

We created this guide to help you with the application process.
Please, read it carefully before application, and don't hesitate to ask any questions.
The admission and enrollment process includes several steps.
You have probably seen this timeline. Below we explain it in details.
Prepare all documents and submit your application by filling in the form on Skoltech's web site
Online selection
Take a profile online test. The higher your scores, the higher your chances of moving on to the next step
Final selection
The final round takes place in Moscow. You have to pass an English exam on site or present a valid TOEFL certificate, and pass an interview
Based on the results of each applicant's overall performance, we will make a list of students to be enrolled free of charge
0. What to do in advance
Fill the simple form at to create the account in our system, if you haven't already done it before. Use your account to submit all the necessary information and documents. You can save your progress at any point and come back to the application later. Here is the list of documents and copies you need to obtain and prepare for your application:
Update an English-language version of your resume or curriculum vitae.
We do not have special requirements here, just follow the general rules for such documents.
Motivation letter
In 500-1000 words, in English, please answer the following question: What do you hope to gain by completing a degree in your chosen field of study at Skoltech? Keep in mind that motivation letter is being reviewed carefully and is very important for the selection.
2 Recommendation letters
This is important as well: we will need 2 recommendation letters, written by your thesis supervisors, team supervisors and other relevant people, confirming your skills and potential.
  • Letters should describe both the relationship between the author and the applicant (joint research, supervision, teaching, etc.) and provide the personal opinion of the author about the applicant.
  • Very formal letters, translation of standard characteristics, usually do not produce a good impression. Please note that each letter should be written by their signing authors, the use of drafts prepared by applicants themselves is strongly discouraged.
  • Each letter has to contain contact phone and/or e-mail of the recommender
  • If the letters are not in English, please make your own translation into English, scan it in one file with the original and upload this way.
Diploma or notification from the university
You will need to upload a scan of your most recent higher university diploma or notification from your current university confirming that you are a student graduating the current year. If your diploma is issued in Russian, it's highly recommended to attach translation of it into English.

It is not obligatory, but highly recommended to upload your current transcript as it will give the Admission Committee an opportunity see your academic level.
Certificates and awards
Scan all your awards and certificates, including TOEFL, IELTS etc.
Usual/formal photo
We will ask you to provide a photo. We have seen a lot: beach selfies, party photos, sunglasses hiding 50% of the face, and even undressed people - please, don't do that to us :)
Find a formal photo.
We prefer scans in PDF files, but also accept images in JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP formats.
Documents in DOC, PPT, TXT and other formats will not be accepted.
If any of your documents is not presented in English, please provide a translation. If possible, scan the original with the translation together. Translation is obligatory for recommendation letters and highly recommended for the rest items.
1. Application / Portfolio
Upload all the documents into your account as they are ready. Fill in the questionnaire. When everything is ready, push "Submit". Great, now you are the Applicant officially.
2. Online test
All the applicants who submitted the above mentioned docs are entitled for on-line testing. You will be notified by e-mail about your specific time. The link and the instructions will be sent a week prior the scheduled test. The test will take 2-3 hours of your time.
The on-line testing will be performed using proctoring service, i.e. we will automatically and manually control the process. You will need to ensure a stable internet connection from you side, web-camera, and working microphone on your device. System automatically tracks all the suspicious activity during the test.
3. Selection Weekend
Based on your portfolio and test results Admission Comittee makes a decicion within 2 weeks and informs you about it via e-mail. If you are invited to the next round, you will need to come to Skoltech on the specified Selection date for the final stage of Selection. Foreigners or applicants who cannot come in person to Skoltech, can be interviewed by Skype, but personal presence makes your chances to succeed higher.
You will be interviewed by the faculty of your program. Interview is conducted in English. You will need to prepare a short presentation about your academic and research background for the interview
English test (if needed)
If you did not present valid TOEFL / IELTS certificate or confirmation of the education conducted in the English language, you will be able to pass the English test internally in Skoltech.
The Selection Weekend takes the whole Saturday of your time (and for some applicants Sunday as well). We provide scheduled transfer from Moscow to the campus (and back), and the meals.
And positive mood, of course:
4. Enrollment (yee-haw!)
In a week we will be ready to inform you about your results.
There are 3 possible outcomes:
Option 1: OFFER
Good job: if you received the e-mail containing an offer to join Skoltech MSc program - it means the you have passed the selection process and we are eager to see you at Skoltech in August for official matriculation and start of study (which, by the way, may completely change your life).
If you received the e-mail saying that you are on a waiting list, it means that you need to confirm you place in the waiting list and wait until the end of June for the final decision.
Option 3: REJECT
Sorry: that means that you did not pass the final stage, but next year you will be able to otry again - we do not ban. However, this admission year you can not resubmit your application for another program.
The official matriculation is conducted in August before the start of the academic year: we will inform you with a special e-mail what documents you will need to provide to officially become the Skoltech's student.
Now that you know everything about
the application process,
you can proceed to the practical part
Applications are accepted till June16, 2018 inclusive
Contact us by phone/e-mail or visit us:
phone: +7 (495) 280-1481
address: 3 Nobel Street, Skolkovo, 143026, Russian Federation
(We are more than happy to accept visitors Monday through Friday from 9:00-18:00. Please arrange a visit at 48 hours in advance by writing us an email at